Saturday Rugby games at Hills RFC (HJRFC) at Hughenden. Car/Bus parking – Season 2022-2023

ALL Hills playing members and supporters, as well as members and committee of all visiting teams, are reminded that all parking around the grounds is now regulated. Parking has to be paid for when visiting Hughenden on Saturdays either to play or spectate. There is NO parking space available in the grounds at the clubhouse

However Glasgow City Council offers Visiting Car parking tickets for all who use the facility. A scratch card is available to cover the hours between 12.00 and 18.00 every Saturday for £2.00 .

A card can be purchased from the ground floor café for £2 CASH and then displayed on the car’s dashboard to satisfy the parking regulations. The area around the grounds is patrolled regularly by traffic wardens.

Clubs arriving by bus are reminded they must use the Bus parking Bay on Hughenden Lane , just beyond the 2nd mini roundabout.

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